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There are plenty of marketing avenues that cost little to no money for your business that can have big results. Let’s start with some social networking that is absolutely free. Create business accounts and participate in big social media sites like Facebook & Pinterest. Because the Pool & Spa business is image oriented you should use Instagram for pictures of all those beautiful backyards you create! The key is once these accounts are created you must keep the information current and relevant to your customers and your business.

Contests!! People love contests. Prizes do not need to be expensive to attract participants. Even some FREE water sample bottles for customers to bring you water samples in or a float giveaway will get people in the door. Utilize a free random number generator to post results online. Other services like Rafflecopter make it easy to run contests with entry forms from your website .

Apply for local Business Awards in your community. These awards are free and can boost credibility and in turn, increase sales. Some examples may include; Best Places to Work, Fastest Growing Company and Best All Around Service Company.

Host a class for the community and educate them on what you do. Let them know you’re an industry expert. Hold the class at your business, advertise the event with flyers at local community bulletin boards at the library, local colleges or shops. These places are often happy to promote educational events that benefit members of the community being offered for free in their area. Having food, giveaways and prizes will draw in more people to participate.

Consider making local donations that support the community and the customers your business serves. Working with other organizations in the community to make contacts and connections will result in more business for your company.

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